Welcome to Not Jonesing Around

My name is Nathan Jones and welcome to the Not Jonesing Around blog, where I talk about all things films, books, records, and thought pieces. Originally conceived as a companion to my YouTube channel, the blog will also delve into topics that are on my mind that can be expanded upon through writing. As a lover of physical media, discussing the various mediums that have encompassed my life is something worth sharing. I hope each and everyone of you can find something from reading (or watching) my content. So…what will I be discussing here?

Let’s start with films. If you know, YOU KNOW. I adore films and what they have brought and continue to bring into my life. Films have introduced topics that are comforting and disturbing, enchanting and horrifying, fiction and fact. Films can showcase the beauty of humanity and even the harsh truths that we may not face ourselves. But films have also brought the greatest gifts. My relationships with my friends growing up around Springfield, Missouri to my friends that I’ve met from all over the world through YouTube has been through film. Hell, I met my absolutely wonderful girlfriend, Vanessa, through our shared passion. Film means everything and now it’s time to write about that EVERYTHING.

Next is books, my life-long friend that pops in and out of existence. Luckily, I have always loved to read, even if I have not always had the time to devote to that enjoyment. Going from fiction to nonficition, fantasy to history, sci-fi to science, horror to art, cultural to personal…nothing is off limits. In this blog, I would like to explore the books that I have read, the books that I plan to read, and the books that will bring a shared experience with you. After all, my favourite early morning routine is to make a black cup of coffee, grab a book, and sit outside on my porch with a blanket (I enjoy being an old man).

Records, albums, vinyls, cds, tapes…music. Music has been a staple in my life ever since I bought my first CD of Pink Floyd’s The Wall in 1998 (or I hope that was my first, haha). Growing up to classic rock and evolving over the years with hard rock, alternative, and metal, these ‘were’ my genres. I worked at a CD Warehouse in the town I grew up in and it changed my life, even when it went away. I now have an appreciation for each and every genre on this faded-green earth from country to rap to electronic to hardcore to punk to ambient and every subgenre you can think of…I love music. It’s time for to write about that passion again, I can’t leave it behind.

Lastly, I would like to explain thought pieces. Not a complex thing to decipher, but I have always enjoyed writing through abstraction and through personal experience. I learned about autoethnographic writing in graduate school and have never forgotten how cathartic the process can be in expressing those thoughts into words. In this blog, I would love to highlight my life experiences as I tackle issues outside (or even connected to) the realm of films, books, and records. My first thought piece MAY be the next blog post even 😉

I hope that you made it to the end of this, because all of you who read this blog and/or watch the channel make each day count. I’m so very thankful for each and every one who crosses my path in one way or another. Please be sure to comment and give some feedback for the blog, it would be much appreciated. What are you most excited about to read? Any suggestions?

Thanks for reading ❤️

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